10 Ideas for Mother’s Day

If Easter is our biggest Sunday of the year, Mother’s Day is our second biggest Sunday. When momma wants the family to go to church, everybody goes! Be ready on Easter Sunday to announce your Mother’s Day service and plans to invite people back. Don’t forget about the dad’s either!

  1. Give a special gift to all the ladies – a flower, potted plant, or small notebook are a few ideas.
  2. Plan a special women’s brunch and a big giveaway to your women’s groups (spa package, restaurant gift card, iPad mini).
  3. Do a photo booth or photo station on Mother’s Day. Free photos for all!
  4. Plan a special Mother’s Day kids craft.
  5. Preach a special Mother’s Day message.
  6. Consider blessing a single mom in your congregation or community.
  7. Share a story (live or video) of a mom in your church.
  8. Pray a special blessing over the women at the end of service.
  9. Make a video with kids sharing what they love most about their mom.
  10. Buy a bunch of different Mother’s Day cards and hand them out at the end of the service. Bonus: Have your ministry leaders write a short note of encouragement in the card.


  1. Wear your favorite sports team jersey and hat on Sunday.
  2. Host a pancake breakfast or grill hot dogs for after service.
  3. Recognize the fathers with a small gift and pray a special blessing over them during the service. Give out awards, t-shirts, hats, etc.

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